Kali Gandaki River Rafting Trip Fact


3 Days



Water Volume

(Cumecs): 120



River Distance:

60 Km.

Best Season

Spring- Autumn

Trip Overview

Major Rapids: Little Brother 4+, Big Brother 4, Cave 3, Daze 3, Python Rock 3, Rafters Refound 4, Good Morning 4, Dubble Band 3+, Black Rock 4+, Walk in the Dark 4, Washing Bowel 3+, Grave 4+

The river dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, Kali Gandaki is one of Nepal’s well-known rivers for water enthusiasts. This River originates at the highland Tibetan plateaus in the Mustang and flows down through the Himalayas making the world’s deepest George the Kali Gandaki George. Starting from Beni, this grade 3 to grade 4+ rapid holy river passes through the remote villages allowing you to experience the unique culture of different ethnic groups of Nepal along with rewarding the magnificent views of the Annapurna Mountain Range. It offers 60 sets of fast and medium-length white water rapids over 60 km before ending up at Mirmire where Kali Gandaki” A” Hydro plant has been built.

Himalayan High Path Adventure takes the safety of its clients very seriously. All our guides are licensed, with many years of experience on the rivers of Nepal. All are trained in CPR, First Aid, and advanced river rescue techniques. We provide the best rafts, lifejackets, helmets, flotation devices, dry bags for gears, tents, paddles, and camera barrels. The most advanced and reliable equipment.

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